Below is a few commonly asked questions. If you can't find your answer here, feel free to contact us. 


 Q : What Is a Finance Broker? 


A : Finance Brokers are persons or companies that perform transactions on your behalf. They also serve as the mediator between you and the Lender so you don’t have to. Financial brokers first determine your borrowing needs and ability, choose the appropriate solution, then oversee the entire loan’s progression through the settlement. We work for you during the whole process and for the lifetime of your loan. 


Remember the difficulty of looking for lenders and comparing their loans individually? With a Finance Broker, you won’t have to go through that anymore. 


Q : What Can a Finance Broker Do For Me? 


A : There are a number of benefits to using a Financial Broker: 


Finance Brokers give you access to a larger selection of loans. As opposed to a bank, which can only offer you its own products, Financial Brokers can let you choose from a selection of loans from different Lenders. 

They do the information gathering for you. Having Finance Brokers do the data gathering saves you so much time and money. Besides, collecting and sifting all that information can be quite confusing. 

Brokers are experts in their field.  Excellent industry knowledge helps them serve you better by guiding you through the entire process. 


Q : Who Pays the Broker? 


A : Residential Brokers are paid by the Lender (Bank / Financial Institute) for arranging a loan. They receive an upfront commission and a trailing commission on the loans they settle. It is NOT standard industry practice for Residential Brokers to charge a customer for their service due to this arrangement. Equipment and Commercial Brokers do NOT receive a trail. 


Q : Why Use a Licensed Broker? 


A : Licensed Finance Brokers must adhere to the industry Code of Practice which required high professional standards, fair business practices, ethical behavior and compliance with both the letter and the spirit of the relevant laws and regulations. 


All Licensed Brokers must hold an Australia License under ASIC legislation and these are reviewed and reissued annually. 


Credit providers and Brokers that are not licensed are operating illegally in Australia.